About "Chromama"

Bless you Instagram, you've erased my wrinkles!
Hi there!  I'm Karen, the sometimes-crafty-but-always-enthusiastic resident secretary, chef and peacemaker of this little family of mine.

I live in Adelaide, Australia with a very hard-working DH (let's call him The Bearded Avenger) and our three kiddos - Eldest (boy, 12 ½), Middle (boy, almost-11) and Youngest (girl, 9 ½).

I write about anything and everything that strikes my fancy at the time, but some of the subjects that tend to crop up more frequently than others include special needs parenting (Eldest is autistic), various domestic fabulousness (menu planning, homekeeping, household notebooks, recipes, etc) and crafting (specifically sewing). I might be deadly serious in one post and light and breezy in the next.

For the reason behind the name "Chromama", see this post, and this one :)

And since I'm sure you're dying to know, here are some other equally fascinating things about me:

I hate tuna - not your garden-variety dislike but an intense and pure hatred.
I am a romantic comedy (aka Chick Flick) tragic.
When I was three I nearly severed my big toe.
Tiny snakes bother me more than the big ones.
I might be clinically addicted to knock-off Tupperware.
I once owned a cow called Jesus.
I've never broken a bone.
I often fall asleep on the bus.
I only eat cold toast.
I am almost always late to everything.

Contact me ~ 

Email ~ chromama at gmail dot com
Twitter ~ @iamchromama
Instagram ~ @chromama

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