The One Where I Pretend To Be Uber-Organized

April 22, 2011  
Guess what?

You can now use the same self-made printables that I use to keep my life and home running smoothly efficiently adequately slightly above chaotic!

Just look up ↑ Yup, up there.  Under 'FREE PRINTABLES!' you'll find, uh, the free printables.

These are a collection of (deliberately) non-fussy, simple-to-print, black-and-white forms I've created over the past couple of years to help me with the 'brain dumping' process that occasionally needs to happen if I want to sleep at night.  Feel free to use for your own binders/dumping purposes.

As time goes on I'll add some more but feel free to make suggestions (and please let me know if you have problems accessing or downloading anything)


edenland said...

Wow ... wow. I am the least organised person on planet earth, probably. It SUCKS to be me in the mornings, especially school mornings. Those printables? GOLD.

I wish I could commit to be organised like you.

♥Beryllium Lithium Class of 2011 said...

Wow. These are awesome. I usually draw these up by hand on scrap pieces of paper as a form of productive procrastination, so thank you sooo much for these printables :) Saves me a lot of time, giving me heaps more time to actually study or do homework :)

Karen (admin) said...

Edenland - I'd give up being organized if it meant gaining an ounce of awesomeness a la your freedom/honesty. Seriously, very cool.

Beryllium (or Beryll? Or Lithium? LOL) - I am a seriously huge dork about these things...usually I draw them up after not finding what I need via other printables. I could sit there fiddling with margins and fonts for hours. Yup, dork.

stink-bomb said...

ha ha i am the queen of lists, in fact i make lists about making lists!

i lust after anything that will feed my obsession about being organised and so i'm off to check out your printables!

gorgeous blog btw!


Amanda said...

I need to buy a printer, darnit. Kids are forever sticking things inside of our electronics and sealed the fate of 2 printers and one photo printer thus far.

Daisy said...

I too am totally obsessed with being organised whilst remaining entirely unorganised constantly. And LOVE making lists! LOVE it!!!

However, I'm a total moron and don't know what "MITs" stands for. I'm sure its something really simple but I'm struggling with the schematics of getting a cup of tea ready this morning. So yes, Karen, what does "MITs" stand for on the daily docket sheet?

Daisy xx

P.S. Thanks btw!

Karen (admin) said...

Hi Daisy -

LOL - "MIT's" is a term that Simple Mom ( used when she designed her Daily Docket sheet a while back (I saw hers but some of her sections weren't relevant to me, so I redesigned it and asked permission to republish) - it stands for Most Important Tasks.

You sound like my kind of girl. I have lots of fun making lists but somewhere after that point I fail on the execution of said lists.

So I make more lists, LOL.


Daisy said...

Thank you! LOL as I thought, relatively simple to all but me and my vagueness.
I'm off to print these off and have a fabulous time organising myself an organisation folder!

Karen (admin) said...

Oh wow, you're going to love it when I start up on the Household Notebook business stuff in the next few weeks then! LOL.

River said...

I've checked out your printables and I like them. I printed a daily docket and I'll make a couple of photocopies, then laminate them as gifts for a couple of friends who I know could use one.
I don't need the menu or shopping planners, I have my own that I made myself. My grocery planner is a master list, categorised, of everything I buy right down to stamps and envelopes. It's laminated, so all I do is put a check mark by whatever I need, (use a whiteboard marker that just wipes off),then on shopping day I print a list of those things.
Categories include fridge, freezer, pantry, bathroom, laundry, kitchen, chemist, newsagent, it's a real OCD piece of work.

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